The Wild West (45×45 cm)

April 17, 2020


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And if we can not travel far these days, we can always travel inside.

My artwork „The Wild West“ explores the duality of the concept „pride“. Pride – as one of the „7 deadly sins“. The one that was said to trigger all other sins. Maybe it went from vice to virtue? Or, is it still the root of all evil? Is it even considered a sin any longer in modern days, when narcissism & hybris (as a color or pride) is more something like a desired trait and a safe step stone for your career in finance or business? How much is that strange adoration for something initially bad rooted within most of us? On the other side, pride also can be a good thing, for example in the pride of a mother about her kids – for me this is a shade of love and rather crucial in the upbringing of the kids? Or in a well-deserved pride about some hard-earned skills? With these thoughts as a starting point, I was diving into the current state of our society and the decisions that we can take – right now.

This artwork also has a playlist on spotify, featuring Spaghetti-Western Delights, American Folk and Protest Songs. Check it out here:

This framed poster is printed on high-quality paper, with a partly glossy, partly matte finish.

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick paper
• Alder, semi-hardwood frame
• .75” (1.9 cm) thick frame
• Acrylite front protector
• Hanging hardware included

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