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My name is Claudie Linke. I am an Illustrator & Artist. Born in Germany. Now based between Bali & Berlin. 

I love to work in traditional & digital media. For commission jobs I tend to draw in digital techniques these days. I also love to combine the both. 

I mainly work on commissions for advertising, package design, fashion, food, automotive, trade magazines, consumer magazines, book publishing companies, music and sports. I’m open and curious for everything though!

Also, I really enjoy doing private commissions (for example special presents for weddings, birthdays and the like). Plus, you can order from my premium quality print shop.


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digital work

Claudie Linke Illustration_Rolling Stone Magazine Cover_Beastie Boys

For Fashion Label Lala Berlin. A T-Shirt Design. The commission was to explore „pride“, as one of the 7 deadly sins. 


For Popshot Magazine. Illustrating a short story written by Mathapalo Mofokeng about the relationship between a bipolar mother and her daughter.

For Popshot Magazine. Smaller vignette illustrations that went in between the text for above short story:

Private work. For a contest run by the United Nations and Juxtapoz Magazine about „Quality Education“. 

Claudie Linke Illustration_The Magic Classroom_Juxtapoz

Commissioned by: Cengage. A publishing project for an English Learning Program for Egypt People

Claudie Linke Illustration_Egyptian Family_Book Publishing

Creative Activism. Illustrations for a collaborative campaign with the NGO Bye Bye Plastic Bags, fighting the trash problem with art. 

My GoFundMe Page explains everything. 


A selection of frontside motifs:

Claudie Linke_Bali Poker Cards_Bali Playing Cards_Canggu Playing Cards
Claudie Linke Illustration_Balinese Spirits
Claudie Linke Illustration_Craig Anderson
Claudie Linke Illustration_Flora Christin_Poker Cards
Claudie Linke Illustration_Sisters_Melati and Isabel Wijsen
Claudie Linke_Bakso Man
Claudie Linke Illustration_Stephanie Gilmore surfing

Backside pattern: 


Editorial. For an article about New York, its people and their individual stories. 

1 full page illustration plus 4 spot illustrations.

New York Signage Taxi Claudie Linke Illustration

Advertising. An experiment on advertising with a political edge:

Claudie Linke_Children Illustration_We Are All Immigrants

Poster Design. The most iconic sneakers of all times.

Claudie Linke_Cult Sneakers

Private Work. A solo exhibition at Kinship Studio in Canggu, Bali. April 2020 and as Group Show in Van Der Plas Gallery, New York. 

„Indonesia – Unity in Diversity“. All artworks are 60x60cm: 

About Indonesia which is multi ethnical and has the challenge to live up for its national motto "unity in diversity" (Digital Media)
About Digital Nomads in Paradise, Bali 2019. (Digital Media)
About the beginnings - grandmothers and grandfathers of todays Indonesian people. (Digital Media)
About Digital Nomads in Paradise, Bali 2019. (Digital Media)
About the beginnings - grandmothers and grandfathers of todays Indonesian people. (Digital Media)

Private work. About traveling London.

Private Commission. Drawing 60x90cm for private clients.

Editorial. For an article in  a regional magazine about Brexit and how other Europeans feel about it. After the article was published, the beer mats were printed and distributed to pubs. 

Various Spot Elements:

Claudie Linke Illustration_Panther
Leah Dawson with Pelikan. Claudie Linke Illustration. Surfing
Claudie Linke Illustration_Balinese Woman
Claudie Linke Illustration_Palm Trees
Claudie Linke Illustration_Balinese Cockfight
Claudie Linke Illustration Banker
Claudie Linke Illustration_Black Man
Claudie Linke Illustration_The Mexican Mirror
New York_Claudie Linke Illustration_Rappers Jumping
Claudie Linke Illustration_Spike Lee_New York Brooklyn
Claudie Linke Illustration_New York Signage_2 copy
Claudie Linke Illustration_The Gang_A Team_5
Claudie Linke Illustration_Police Men_New York Brooklyn red circle
Claudie Linke Illustration_Woman_New York Taxi
Claudie Linke Illustration_The A Team New York Hip Hop Gangs
Claudie Linke Illustration_VOC Ship Nr 1
Claudie Linke Illustration_VOC Soldiers
Claudie Linke Illustration_Muscat
Claudie Linke Illustration_Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt
Claudie Linke Illustration_VOC Ship 2
Claudie Linke Balinese Dancers
Claudie Linke Illustration_Surf Spaceship
Claudie Linke Illustration_Sharks
Claudie Linke Illustration_Barong
Claudie Linke Illustration_Snakes
Claudie Linke Illustration_Vintage Robot
Claudie Linke Illustration_Pusteblume
Claudie Linke Illustration_Cat
Claudie Linke Illustration_Bald Eagle
Claudie Linke Illustration_Joko Widi
Claudie Linke Illustration_Muslim on Sneakers
Claudie Linke Illustration_Couple playing music
Claudie Linke Illustration_The Moon

Advertising. Cover and backside of Yorokobu magazine / Volkswagen.  

Magazine layout, front and back: 



Editorial. For an article about the interfaithal demonstrations after a terror attack in Jakarta, 2016.1 double spread Illustration plus 4 spot illustrations.  

Editorial. Spot illustrations for an article about the booming Costum Bike Culture on Bali.   

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