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Februar 17, 2020 Blog
The Lab_Claudie Linke

Today I am sharing a few secrets with you. I love all those different aspects of drawing & painting so much. The different media feel different, look different, taste different, even sound different. So I just can not draw in one style only. I always do wonder, how other illustrators and artists handle those bees. Or, if they are attacked by those bees at all to the same extent? Because, back in art school I guess I was a bit on the crazy side with experimenting on all frontiers really. I did not see that so much with the other students.  Most of them, to be honest, were already incredibly good in one style, though …. . So, I was harshly told I should stay true to one. Urgs. Nowadays, I fully understand why and I actually love to follow some rules. Rules can multiply your creativity like nothing else.  Also, once you focus, you’ll become so much better in that chosen style. Plus, on a professional level it is necessary so that clients 

can easily remember your style. Get that. However, I do not want to let all that interfere with what I ultimately have to say and where I want to go. And yes, sometimes, I need to talk different languages, walk different paths so that one day I am able to technically realize my vision. So, of course, I still do break the rules. How I manage it these days though is that I do fully concentrate on my favorite signature style in my working hours. In my free time, I then do draw in totally different styles. 

To see my professional portfolio, and not be confused. Please click here

But if you are interested in how I spin the pen in my free time, I give you a few examples and let you fly behind the scenes: 

The Lab_Claudie Linke

Also, this free flow thing is my playground to keep a fresh perspective. To keep it light, learn, make mistakes, develop and test new ideas. And make more mistakes, and learn more. It keeps me energized and lets me feel again and again why I do love all this so much.To be honest, I also experience that it is super beneficial for developing my signature style as well. As, sometimes I do take bits of this and that and implement it into my signature style.

Today I’ll dare to show you some non-polished, wild and raw sketches, straight out of my sketchbook that are a bit 


more comic infused, I hope you like it! 

Let me know what you think, I am super curious to hear your thoughts.




Have a good week!


Claudie Linke


PS: Also, it is so beautiful that when you do draw just for yourself, you even can go back to Picasso and his joking „good artists copy, great artists steal.“ Within the privacy of your sketchbook, no one cares. But you learn so much. 

These drawings here, I do for something like my personal meditation. For example, I flip through an old Asterix Comic Book, take bits and flavors of what I like and then make it my own, while I switch off my brain. 


  1. Hilde Meyer sagt:

    wow. I feel the same! I follow you now

  2. Greg H sagt:


  3. Martin Mueller sagt:

    hey claudie this is cool, good words!

  4. Hannah Orlander sagt:

    love it! next time share so i can see sketchbook ya?

  5. Brianhit sagt:

    I enjoy browsing your web sites. Regards!

  6. Brianhit sagt:

    Your advice is incredibly intriguing.

  7. Jamesatore sagt:

    Maintain the spectacular work !! Lovin‘ it!

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